Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Song of A Golden Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia atricapilla)

It was a little hard to find a Golden Crowned Sparrow with the right accent!

Video from the Beach at Golden Crowned in Homer, Alaska

The beach in Homer has quite high tides, and you can watch the extraordinary ebb and flow tides daily. Seen from here are flotillas of sea otters, seals, salmon runs, and even whales on occasion. When I was growing up, I played on a couple of wrecked and abandoned fishing boats washed up on shore. 

Views from the Bluffside.

The upland section of the property, with only a pleasant trail running through.

The upland section of the property has a large buffer between Kachemak Drive and the bluff, another rarity in this part of Homer.

A new slough.

Since 1970, I've watched as this area of beach grew outwards and created soil that permitted grasses and larger trees. It still floods, but only at extreme high tide. 

There are many view properties in Homer, bur this is a view you can walk on, a beach to fish from, a sea breeze to feel

A stable bluff and growing beach. Old Birch and Spruce on a southern exposure. Amazingly for Alaska, even apple trees can thrive.

Very, very unusual for Homer: inside city limits, privately owned areas of the beach, well overgrown, stable bluff, with old trees and little erosion. A gorgeous trail adjacent to this property shows amazing possibilities.

View from this beach toward the Homer Spit. August 2015.

View towards the East and the ice field. The beach is stable, and has grown considerably since 1970.

Rare and Beautiful. Dream views. Dream lifestyle. Dream Alaska. May, 2018: $395.5 K

I'm the owner of a 2.2 acre undeveloped, beachfront property on Kachemak Drive,  2885 Kachemak Drive (KPB 17936026), Golden Crowned Subd...