Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rare and Beautiful. Dream views. Dream lifestyle. Dream Alaska. May, 2018: $395.5 K

I'm the owner of a 2.2 acre undeveloped, beachfront property on Kachemak Drive,  2885 Kachemak Drive (KPB 17936026), Golden Crowned Subdivision lot one.   

I live in Seattle and am a teaching studio artist, and circumstances are making it more sensible to consider leasing this land for residential development, or to sell the property, or possibly part of it with building lot with a new subdivision.  I was born in Alaska and the property has been in my family since 1970. I'm interested in your ideas!

The property has some unusual features: it has substantial private beachfront (due to the growth of the beach over the years), a fully overgrown bluff (no sandy cliffs or erosion) with old trees and good spots for an easy trail to the beach; as I mentioned it is entirely undeveloped, has access to water and sewer now, and might be the only parcel like this available. 
I am interested in the  possibility in leasing out the land, for perhaps 5-10 years, for long term residential use; like a mobile home lease, but available for larger, possibly moveable cabins, yurts, houses etc. The land lease has several potential advantages, including potentially lowering costs for people who would like to live on beachfront right in Homer.  Lease terms could be negotiated as long as the uses were all legal within zoning restrictions.  
My impression is that this property is both unusually beautiful, and with partly private, accessible beach, with a stable overgrown bluff, undeveloped and right in Homer, quite rare indeed. I could find no comparable listings that were actually in the city.

If you are interested, please email me (contact info on my profile) to be put on the contact list for interested parties.


The price for this propert as of May 2018 is $396,500, and is now listed through Real Estate proessional Erica Koitzch in Anchorage.

The $799,000 listing (for five acres) on Kachemak Drive, just a few hundred feet away to the east, has recently been sold. This leaves this as one of the very few beach properties inside the City Limits of Homer. Alaska.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Homer Beach Property: May, 2018 $396,500

The Leasing Option for this Property.

I'm considering a Land Lease for Residential property on these nearly 2.2 acres. The lot is undeveloped, but city water and sewer is available to hook up to.

It's a perfect location for a vacation rental business, or even several, depending on what's alright with the city legally with its current zoing.

Yurts and small cabins rent out for $200/night in Homer, and almost none have direct beach access in the city, let alone control over a beach area.  If I ran a kayak adventure business, it would be ideal.. it's located in the protected lee of the Spit, the tides are substantial but easy to work with, the beach is wonderful and well stocked with driftwood - and perfect for when conditions don't allow people to cross the Bay to the National Parks. It might be a great place to be for a few cabins for people to go when they can't fly into the McNeil River or other places due to weather: an interesting option for wilderness tour companies that want to provide a rustic Alaska experience.

The lease per month cost would be in 0.7% to 0.9% of the property value range, negotiable, depending on the intensity of the use and the area and impact it covered. A partial area can be considered as well. 

Currently, the only improvement is a small gravel entry from the road, and some light trails. It will be work to develop a traditional home, but it would be ideal for light housing taking advantage of the well grown native plants, some large, old trees, and lots of highly variable little areas. It was inhabited by Athabaskan peoples before contact- but  it is largely untouched natural habitat. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Song of A Golden Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia atricapilla)

It was a little hard to find a Golden Crowned Sparrow with the right accent!

Video from the Beach at Golden Crowned in Homer, Alaska

The beach in Homer has quite high tides, and you can watch the extraordinary ebb and flow tides daily. Seen from here are flotillas of sea otters, seals, salmon runs, and even whales on occasion. When I was growing up, I played on a couple of wrecked and abandoned fishing boats washed up on shore. 

Views from the Bluffside.

The upland section of the property, with only a pleasant trail running through.

The upland section of the property has a large buffer between Kachemak Drive and the bluff, another rarity in this part of Homer.

A new slough.

Since 1970, I've watched as this area of beach grew outwards and created soil that permitted grasses and larger trees. It still floods, but only at extreme high tide. 

Rare and Beautiful. Dream views. Dream lifestyle. Dream Alaska. May, 2018: $395.5 K

I'm the owner of a 2.2 acre undeveloped, beachfront property on Kachemak Drive,  2885 Kachemak Drive (KPB 17936026), Golden Crowned Subd...